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          Bearing preload and installation

          Rolling bearing pre-load
          Bearing internal clearance before installation(original space) is different with the bearing clearance reach operation temperature after the installation(called the working space). The original space is bigger than the working space. With different applications, many request requests to run a negative clearance, the imposition of load, this pre-bearing load is to ensure co-ordination under the con co-ordination under the conditions used to prevent the load slipping the load slipping and causing damage. 
          Major role: to improve bearing stiffness, reduce operating noise, compensate clearance increaing wear and tear in operation, improve accuracy of the guide shaft, for extended bearing life. 
          pre-stress is often the main target (dynamic load rating Cr) coefficients, the best preloading load needs to calculate the preload force first, constandly revised by the trial confirms after the conventional value determined by different methods of implementation of the regulation.

          The installation and disassemble of the rolling bearing
          Bearing installation method should be decided by the type and size of bearing before the installation: mechanical method, hydraulic method, heating method. The inner ring, outsider ring, cage and body of rolling should not bear the direct impact with either of these methods, in strict accordace with the bearing installation and remove prodedures for installation and removal personnel should under strict training and examiation, and are quipped with specialized equipment and tool.Pre-installation does not allow the bearing axis as the gauge to test the surface with the housing hole with the dimensional accuracy and processing in order to avoid injury with the surface and magnetic bearing.
          Bearing installation, making the bearing and the shaft in the same line, if the bearing position skew, not only makes the assembly difficult, shaft surface is also easy to produce and make curved indentation, and sometimes even make bearing inner ring splitting.
          Before the preparation of bearing installation completed, generally do not open the package of the bearing, to avoide the assembly time last too long, resulting in rust and dirty instusion. 
          With the bearing size increases, the required installed capacity will increased significantly. Inner ring and bearing housing should be heat first, but the heating temperature should not exceed 120??, otherwise the bearing material will undergo structure changes. Sealed bearing can not be pre heated to prevent the oil spill. 
          Bearing removal is based on the anti-order of the installation. Must have proper removal method, and to take a series of protective measures, without damage to its component parts bearing and maintain the integrity of the original bearing the state for analysis and research.