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          Cam followers

          Cam Followers (Needle Rollers) Yoke Type & Stud Type
          Inch Sizes or Metric Sizes • High Quality Bearing Steel 
          Manufactured from High Quality Bearing Grade Steel or optional Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel; Needle Roller Bearings are the preferred
          choice for applications that exhibit radial loads. Needle Roller Bearings are not intended for applications with axial or thrust loads. For extremely
          high load or high impact applications, the Heavy Stud version is available . Selection of the optional Crowned Outer Race allows for
          angular misalignment between the bearing and track surface. Sealed and pre-greased versions are the most common but are also available in
          non-sealed for running in oil. Stardard sizes range from ??? to 6??. We specialize in Custom Engineered Cam Followers to fit specific applications.

          We produce RSTO series, RNA series, NATR series, NUTR series, KR series, NUKR series, NAST series, PWKR series, NATV series.
          More infomation, pls contact with us by skype: ubmsales