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          Chicago Newman authorized Innocent heavy industry for the RX series hammer China agents

          Recently, Huicong construction machinery network reporter learned that Chicago Newman (CP) for the Jiangsu Innocent Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. thrown hammer agents of the olive branch, officially awarded the Innocent heavy industry for its RX series of hammer China mainland area sole agent.

          The RX series of crushing hammer
          The RX series of crushing hammer
          From 1901 onwards, Chicago Newman (CP) name represents the high performance tools for various applications in the field of. Now, Chicago Newman (CP) footprints have been all over the world, the native client center are open in the world, covering various applications in the field of the whole series of products, with global logistics network. Chicago Newman's sales and service charge by the dealer to local customers -- center as the basis, comprehensive support to provide products and marketing services.
          As China hammer industry well-known enterprises, Innocent has been committed to leading the industry cutting-edge breaker. Always adhere to customer first, service excellence, integrity management belief, all for the center to meet customer demand for the principle, Innocent heavy industry to high-quality products, perfect sales service network and good reputation to provide the best products and the best quality service to customers.
          Looking at the global, Innocent now has its own technology of Japan, South Korea products technology products. Currently the introduction of full hydraulic technology. Products involved in the tower type breaker, triangle type breaker, hydraulic ram, a two cut, shear, hydraulic quick connector and other three-dimensional multi field, various models of the rich structure of the brand, for the company to meet the different needs of customers, provide a variety of price, different place of origin to the national market has laid a solid foundation of hydraulic equipment.
          To undergo a rigorous inspection, Innocent meets Chicago Newman (CP) agents, and was duly authorized as Chicago Newman (CP) RX series of hammer of the agent, it shows that Innocent heavy industry strength. In addition, in order to let the general users of the rest assured, Innocent heavy industry sales of RX series hammer is Germany imported products, the production plant is the first hammer birth place -- Essen in Germany's original Krupp factory.

          Chicago Newman (CP) RX series of hydraulic breaking hammer, as the crystallization of German superb technology, what are the advantages? Here, we will work with you to approach the RX series hydraulic breaking hammer, explore its advantages.
          Chicago Newman (CP) built muting hydraulic breaking hammer day in and day out year after year is the toughest tasks in which students, sturdy and durable, is a very popular hammer.
          RX series of hydraulic breaking hammer are widely sold in North America, Europe and Asia, and received recognition and trust of customers around the. At present, RX series of hydraulic breaking hammer has sold more than 10000 units.
          Each hammer crusher of RX series, whether it is light, medium, heavy has the following characteristics, to ensure the high performance, high efficiency, and high value:
          Hybrid technology
          RX series of hammer of the gas / oil mixture to work away from the security of the best energy transfer from the piston to the drill rod, in order to achieve the best combat efficiency and maximum impact energy. At the same time, Chicago Newman (CP) technology in pneumatic, will recoil energy into renewable energy, under the same hydraulic input condition, get more power and enhance the performance of the hammer blow, can have a higher impact energy at work.
          The hammer case guidance system
          RX series crusher provided with built-in control valve, greatly enhanced the power hammer. Guiding system breaker shell is to minimize the stress loading machine, hammer and loading machine hand hammer, noise at work is greatly reduced, vibration reduced.
          Central lubrication interface
          CP-Lube, can guarantee the hammer to hammer can automatic lubrication, maintenance, prolong life; RX series hammer is provided with a central lubrication interface, convenient hammer maintenance.
          In addition, the RX series against the piston and cylinder gap between hammer is very small, the internal leakage is lower; hydrodynamic bearing application good; the piston and the friction between the lower sealing.
          Of course, these technical characteristics is only the basic features of RX series of crushing hammer has broken hammer, although each model also has its own unique characteristics, but they all have in common is that as long as the RX series of crushing hammer is installed on your machine, can be agile, efficient, reliable and complete the work.