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          Small bearing leveraging Market

          The magnetic bearing has can completely eliminate friction, precision, high reliability, but also can break through the bottleneck of traditional bearing speed.
          Magnetic suspension high speed high power motor is suitable for ships, offshore drilling platforms, aviation and other higher requirements for space applications.

             Bearing is the key components of the equipment manufacturing industry, its position is equivalent to the IT chip in the industry's position. Let the rotating machinery running in high speed, high precision, and solve the problem of lubrication, cooling, can completely eliminate friction, achieve precise control and high reliability, thus become the all mechanical engineer's dream, but this idea is difficult to achieve in the traditional bearing.
          The breakthrough and the application of magnetic bearing technology, make this dream become a reality, but the core technology is in the hands of a few foreign companies. However, in August 13th, "Chinese Science News" reporter in Tianjin Binhai New Area witnessed such a "miracle" moment of birth.
          It is reported, this year in July, Tianjin spinner science and Technology Development Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the spinner Technology) maglev high speed generator production success off the assembly line, and began large-scale production, marking China's bearing industry breakthrough. But as technology "eight years grinding sword" the road of industrialization, but also bring people a lot of inspiration.

          Magnetic bearing is different
          "The generator speed is 24000 rpm, which can be used in various fields such as compressor, blower. Originally a 180 kW motor has 5 tons, and this also kW number of Maglev high speed generator, weight only 400 kg." Recently, the reporter walked into the spinner technology to visit, the company technical director Sha Honglei pointed to a length of 1 meters of blue high speed motor told reporters.
          Why the motor magnetic bearing, there will be such a big difference?
          Tianjin is science and Technology Development Co Ltd chairman and CEO Hong Shenping told the "Chinese Science News" reporter, the magnetic bearing has many advantages, such as can eliminate friction, exact controllability, high reliability etc..
          In addition, the magnetic bearing can break through the bottleneck of traditional bearing speed. Hong Shenping told reporters, as the magnetic bearing technology application in general, units can reach 3~4 million revolutions per minute, in the application of large units can also reached 20000 R / min. In addition, the magnetic bearing device, has the advantages of small size, high efficiency.
          "In a high speed, super high speed, high power, super clean and other applications, as well as to the whole unit volume, where the weight of demanding, can reflect the advantages of magnetic bearings." Sha Honglei says to the reporter.
          Such as offshore drilling platform. The traditional bearings require lubrication system, and offshore drilling platform is the "land", therefore, the magnetic bearing without lubrication system can reveal more advantages.
          As another example of some high-speed applications, the traditional bearing speed is not up to the requirements, the need to achieve through the gearbox, and suspension bearing does not need the gearbox and the oil supply system, so the energy conservation effect is obvious.
          Because of the bearing is the key component of the equipment manufacturing industry, therefore, the magnetic bearing has a broad application prospect. Such as general machinery field vacuum molecular pump, blower, compressor, turbine, gas turbine power machinery field, aerospace aviation engine etc.. According to Hong Shenping introduction, these areas of the market, domestic only has tens of billions of dollars or even hundreds of billions of yuan.
          The road of industrialization
          Magnetic bearing belongs to the equipment manufacturing industry of high-end technology, at present, the world only Sweden SKF, Switzerland MECOS, Germany LEViTEC, NASA and Waukesha America few companies and institutions have mastered the technology.
          Compared with the foreign companies, although the spinner technology was set up in 2006, but through the close cooperation of industry academy research, broke through the 12 key technologies, the formation of 9 patents, the successful implementation of the magnetic bearing industry.
          The inductive sensor technology as an example. Sha Honglei told the "China Science News" reporter, if imported from abroad, each sensor to 2~3 million, and a magnetic bearing, will use 5 or 10 sensors, one can imagine the high cost.
          But as technology through their own efforts, has developed a sensor for magnetic bearings. "It is because we can independently design of sensor, the cost down, only the industrialization may." Sha Honglei said.
          Nowadays, magnetic molecular pump, spinner technology independent research and development of the magnetic power motor are put into production, and in the relevant technical indicators, and also achieved international advanced level racing together bridle to bridle.
          According to Hong Shenping introduction, the molecular pump is production of science and technology, the vibration of only 0.01 micron. "Some time ago, a foreign expert to examine, touched the molecular pump our. They all make fun of said molecular pump did not turn, in fact, molecular pump speed was 30000 rpm." Hong Shenping proudly said.
          The power of faith
          Eight years of industrialization road, is also experiencing a their own.
          "Inseparable industrialization and engineering application of magnetic levitation, if in the lab, it is difficult to take this step." Sha Honglei said.
          For example, the spinner technology R & D reduction of speed power system, not in the lab and met the lowering speed problem, but in engineering application, this question is very important. Once the system is suddenly switched off, every minute bearing tens of thousands of turn off, will cause serious consequences.
          To solve this problem, the spinner technology began to use the method of standby power, but in the application scenario specific engineering, and no space to install the standby power supply. Then, through the efforts of the spinner technology, explored a new technical route using magnetic bearing rotational energy to generate power. Once the power, the bearing can still remain suspended in a period of time.
          "If not for industrialization, we do not encounter these problems, the product will not reach this level." Sha Honglei bluntly.
          In addition, in his view, the spinner technology was able to from the original achievements in scientific research, to today's successful industrialization, also benefited from the research team adhere to the faith.
          As science and technology was founded in 2006, at that time, is the real estate and stock hot when. But as technology is invested a lot of money to carry out R & D. "To tell the truth, at that time we also questioned whether to go to the industrialization, the step." Sha Honglei said.
          Despite the difficulties, but as technology researchers Teether persevered. "We always have a belief, that is, the magnetic bearing to sell abroad so expensive, and in some areas also monopoly or embargo, therefore