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        1. About Us
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          NINGBO UNITED BEARING & MECHANICAL CO.,LTD is a supplier set of production, sales, design, we specilized in professional bearing transimission parts and industrial automation machinery and parts. 
          Possess the bearing industry’s leading production line and complete precision test equipment. 
          To provide you the most professional technical support and perfect supporting services for the industrial automation machinery and equipment. 
          Our major business is high quality guide roller bearing、cam follower、straightening roller、screw support ball bearing、line cross wheel、assembly line guide roller、screw support ball bearing、rail and guide bar、assorted hardware connections. 
          We have rich experience in design and development, particulary in special use nonstandard tranmission field (such as shaped outer ring, thread inner hole, inner six angle hole, with an eccentric bolt and set of special material, the ferrule and accessories). 
          In line with international practice ISO in product development、quality management marketing services, in a safe, reliable quality assurance, to pursuit of customer satifaction to create greater value for customers.
          Our brand “UBM” has gained a good reputation at home and abroad in the majority users of automation. 
          The company has nearly 10 years of development, common R & D of hightech automation components, and supporting domestic American and Korean automation manufacturers with a long time. Our products are exported to overseas, sucessfully matching with USA、 Germany、Italy、Turkey、Spain、Holland、Russia、South Korea、 Australia wellknow automation manufacturers, and established a good business relationship with each big machinery hardware traders both here and abroad. 
          Product has been exported to the world’s 20 country and regions in four continents.
          Thanks to our customers at home and abroad to our support, warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to patronize cooperation.